Launching on the Nintendo Switch eShop next month is Smelter, a game that looks like your usual side-scrolling platformer on the surface, but mixes things up with a strategy twist.

Inspired by 16-bt era classics, this one has you playing as Eve – you know, as in the Garden of Eden's Eve – as you head out on a quest to "expand your empire in a desperate journey to find Adam". You'll soon meet Smelter, a creature with the ability to transform and fuse with others, and together you'll take on top-down strategy levels before diving into some side-scrolling action.

Here's a feature list:

Key Features
- Hybrid gameplay that combines fast-paced platforming with top-down strategy.
- Explore incredible, diverse worlds ranging from the hellish to the beautiful.
- Master three skill sets, complete with over 40 upgrades obtainable through multiple challenges, allowing for varied combat, movement and defense tactics.
- Fire up the “Smelt” ability, which can be used both in combat and on objects to navigate through difficult terrain.
- Open a can of whoop ass on challenging 2D action levels, enemies, and bosses with their own back stories!
- Expand your empire across a variety of regions, utilizing a variety of building types, upgrades, and units.
- Uncover a multitude of secrets, including powerful hidden upgrades and hard-as-nails trial levels.
- Meet a cast of characters with personalities ranging from the eccentric to the completely insane.
- Rock out to a killer soundtrack combining synth and guitar, featuring music by Evader, and opening and ending theme by Manami Matsumae (Mega Man, Shovel Knight).

Smelter launches on Switch on 22nd April, so if you're liking what you see, you don't have too long to wait before you can check it out for yourself.

What do you think? Will you be adding this one to your wishlist? Tell us below.