With two months to go before Rune Factory 5's Japanese release, we're slowly getting new information about Marvelous' anticipated RPG simulation sequel.

Having previously revealed a "Premium Box" last month, Marvelous has now launched a fresh gameplay trailer during the recent "Rune Factory Channel: To a New Adventure! Seed Member Recruitment Special" live stream.

Showcasing new story details, Rune Factory 5 looks similar to previous entries and comes with a few new features. Most prominently is the Seed Circle, which lets players hold and restrict monsters during battle, allowing you to steal exclusive loot. Using this lets you temporarily "Connect" with monsters too, making them an ally.

When compared to Rune Factory 4, Marvelous confirmed improvements have been made to farming, and that Rune Factory 5 will include a similar high-difficulty dungeon to 4's Sharence Maze. Furthermore, if you have save data from Rune Factory 4 Special, it will unlock returning characters Doug and Margaret, though they sadly aren't romanceable. Boo.

Launching on May 20th in Japan, we're still awaiting news on a Western release date from Xseed Games. In the meantime though, this trailer offers a good look at what to expect.

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[source gonintendo.com]