Did you know about the official Minecraft novelisations? There are quite a few already, boasting authors who penned the novelisations of Star Wars movies, Dungeons and Dragons quest writers, and multiple New York Times bestsellers.

Max Brooks, author of World War Z (which was made into a movie starring Brad Pitt) is not new to the Minecraft novelverse, as he published Minecraft: The Island back in 2017, which is all about a lone castaway surviving on a mysterious island made entirely of blocks. But Brooks is back with a second story: Minecraft: The Mountain, a sequel in which the lone castaway, Guy, meets another stranded survivor, Summer, - on a mountain this time!

World War Z
Image: Blockception/Max Brooks

As part of the release of Minecraft: The Mountain, prolific build team Blockception has made an adventure map inspired by the world in the novel. It features the mountain base that the two survivors call home, as well as mini-games, mobs to defeat, and a scavenger hunt that will unlock rewards.

The map is free to download - but the book isn't! It currently costs $17.99 on the Penguin Random House site, or £12.99 at Waterstones. Brooks has even recorded a walkthrough of the map, narrated by him, which is quite sweet.

Could Minecraft maps be the future of book publishing? We really hope so. Can someone do War and Peace for us?

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