Indigenous Artist Charles A
Image: Charles A

An artist known only as Charles A has created some incredible Pokémon artwork, with a twist - it's designed in the style of Indigenous Canadian art.

Charles is an Indigenous artist living in Ontario, Canada, and although he doesn't yet have social media accounts of his own, or a shop to sell his artwork, his friend posted his painting of the final evolutions of the Gen 1 starter Pokémon to Reddit (with permission).

The fusion of native art with nerdy appreciation has received a lot of love on the Pokémon subreddit, which has 3.3 million members. According to his friend, user "tossawayanotherday69" (nice), Charles has been "really surprised by all the love" and is considering starting social media accounts to do art commissions.

What do you think about Charles' Indigenous Pokémon art? Does you want to see an entire Pokémon game themed around this style? Let us know in the comments.