Image: Team17

Blasphemous has gotten plenty of love lately. First launched in 2019, this challenging Metroidvania has seen multiple updates since then – including a recent crossover with Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – and that's undoubtedly contributed towards this latest milestone.

Taking to Twitter for this announcement, The Game Kitchen confirmed that Blasphemous has now sold a remarkable one million copies. To celebrate, it has released a special video, which you can find below.

We awarded it 9/10 stars at release, praising Blasphemous for "brilliant platforming" and breathtaking pixel art – and we're delighted to see it doing this well. If you've not picked it up, a demo is available and it's currently on sale until March 7th, going for £9.99 / €12,49 / $12.49.

Are you one of these one million Blasphemous players? Looking to pick it up? Share your thoughts below.