Super Mario
Image: Nintendo

Today is the big day where Mario will be no more, well... not entirely, but that's what it sure feels like right now with Nintendo wiping out a bunch of his games. While we've got a final reminder going live on Nintendo Life later today, Nintendo appears to have already begun the doomsday celebrations in Japan - thanking fans for their participation over the past year.

Here's the message in full (via Google translate), which promises Mario will continue to "power up" and asks fans to please continue to support Nintendo.

"The Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Campaign ends today, March 31st. We would like to thank all who participated. Mario will continue to power-up, so please continue to support us."

As you can imagine, the internet and social media right now is taking this exceptionally well. Here are some of the highlights:

How are you feeling on this particular day? Have you got in your last games of Super Mario Bros. 35? Did you pick up the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection in the end? Tell us down in the comments.