Niantic is a company that developed and mastered the idea of AR (augmented reality) gaming on smart devices with Ingress, but the title that propelled the company to stratospheric heights was undoubtedly Pokémon Go. It went viral in the summer of 2016 and is still running today, while the company also produced Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Of course, recent Niantic headlines revolve around its Pikmin App, which could not only be rather fun but also give a boost to Nintendo's IP. The success of the company has also allowed it to spread out into new territory, and CEO John Hanke shared one such idea on Twitter this week in the form of AR glasses.

It's not a new idea, though the technology may now be catching up with the concept in time for Niantic to make it a success. As you can see in the teaser image the specs would seemingly have a small speaker, and an adjustable strap of sorts so that they could fit anyone.

It's certainly a logical step for the higher end and enthusiast market in AR gaming, the question will be how marketable and technically possible these glasses would be.

Is this an idea that excites you, or does it make you roll your eyes? Squint at the comments section and let us know.

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