Mario Kart Hot Wheels

Update 2: The set is now planned to launch on 24th June! Full details here.

Update [Wed 17th Mar, 2021 02:15 GMT]: We've been contacted by a Hot Wheels representative and it turns out the Mario Kart Rainbow Road track was mistakenly posted for pre-sale on Amazon over the weekend. It won't actually be available until this summer. If you've already bought it, you can receive a full refund.

"Hot Wheels new Mario Kart Rainbow Road track set was mistakenly posted for pre-sale on Amazon over the weekend. While we love to see fans’ excitement about the new product, it was listed in error. Customers who purchased it via pre-sale can receive a full refund by requesting one on Amazon. The Hot Wheels Mario Kart Rainbow Road track set will be available for purchase this summer, so fans can keep an eye out for more details in the coming months."

Original article [Sun 14th Mar, 2021 06:30 GMT]: Following on from the MAR10 Day celebrations this week, a surprise listing on Amazon has now revealed Hot Wheels will be releasing a new Mario Kart track based on the legendary Rainbow Road Raceway. It's expected to arrive on 29th May and will be priced at $119.00 USD.

According to IGN, it'll come with "Mario and King Boo karts" and is a reconfigurable track - transforming from winding roads to a straight line. Based on the photos, it appears Lakitu is also included in the track parts. You can also see Luigi, Peach and Yoshi one of the shots, but they may not necessarily be included.

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Hot Wheels has also been promoting its special Mario Kart Glider line earlier this week to celebrate Mario Day:

If you would prefer Super Mario toys rather than Mario Kart-themed ones, you might be interested in Jakks Pacific's recently revealed Super Mario toy line, arriving this Fall. Hot Wheels fanatics can also be on the lookout for the new game Hot Wheels Unleashed, coming to the Nintendo Switch this September.

Is a Rainbow Road Raceway track the Hot Wheels-themed track you've been waiting for? Tell us down below.