Fast food and gaming toys are a common promotional strategy. We saw it last month with McDonald's when it brought back Pokémon Happy Meal toys, which admittedly had some problems. Having said that, it's not common to see an indie game getting that same treatment, but that's exactly what Arby's is doing for Shovel Knight.

Available until May 31st, select Arby's restaurants will be offering Shovel Knight "launcher tokens" with kids meals. That covers seven notable characters, including The Enchantress, Black Knight and Specter Knight.

Every one also comes with their own DLC code, which can be redeemed on Switch and Steam. As a side note, it's worth noting that Plague Knight has been renamed to "Doctor Knight" here. While we can't possibly imagine why they've done this, we'd like to congratulate him a job well done on attaining that PhD.

Arby's Shovel Knight Launcher Tokens - What They Unlock In-Game

Shovel Knight Launcher Token: "Of all heroes, none shone brighter than Meat Meat and Shield Meat!” Use this meaty cheat to change the colorful cast of Shovel Knight’s names to something more….delectable! Works with all games in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove!

Shield Knight Launcher Token: Shield Knight SandwichShovel Knight’s dream now features a falling sandwich instead of his beloved Shield Knight. Catch it, and chow down! Works in Shovel of Hope.

The Enchantress Launcher Token: Enemy SwapMake the Enchantress’ army appetizing! This cheat swaps out the baneful baddies with mouthwatering menu items! Works with all games in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove!

Black Knight Launcher Token: Sandwich Fairy FriendA friendly Arby’s sandwich fairy (complete with cheese wings!) will accompany your character throughout their journey. Works with all games in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove.

King Knight Launcher Token: Arby's Crow ArmorKing Knight’s regal crown is replaced by an even more regal Arby’s cowboy hat logo. Works in King of Cards.

Specter Knight Launcher Token: Food SwapRefill your health in style! Platters are replaced by piping hot trays of Arby’s delights, and magic is replaced by milkshakes. Works with all games in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove.

"Doctor" Knight (Plague Knight) Launcher Token: Hold Up FoodYour character will proudly present a random Arby’s menu item – just hold Down on the D-Pad. Works with any character in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove.

Thanks to Ryan for the tip!