Last year's reverse horror game Carrion recently rolled out an overdue update for the console versions of the game.

It's the Christmas update and "The Greatest Time of the Year" DLC. It arrived on PC on time (around XMAS last year) and has now been released for Switch and Xbox, entirely for free.

"Our beloved Master may have had some trouble navigating the console landscape, but console players could elude its frigid appendages only for so long - Santa Carrion has finally brought the Greatest Time of Year DLC over to Xbox and Switch! As per our Master's wishes, the DLC remains free, so no excuses will be accepted - do your bidding and GO PLAY IT NOW!"

As explained in the original announcement post, this free DLC adds a brand new level to the game:

"As anyone can plainly see, the beast is a huge proponent of the holidays. Yes, consuming the flesh of those that seek to imprison you is still #1, but spending time with beast family and a white elephant gift swap is a close #2. Eh, let's call it 1a and 1b, just to stay on its good side.

"To appease our gracious host and keep our free will, we've finally married its two favorite things together in a brand new level."

Will you be returning to Carrion to try out this new update? Read our review here, if you haven't already.