Apex Legends

One of the bigger games arriving on the Nintendo Switch next month is Apex Legends by EA and Respawn Entertainment.

This team-based battle royale shooter doesn't cut corners - bringing the "full-featured" experience to Nintendo's hybrid system. According to Respawn, port specialist Panic Button (Rocket League, DOOM Eternal) worked its magic on this one, achieving some "smart" optimisations.

So, if it's the "full" experience, just how big will this version of the game be? The official Switch eShop page reveals you're going to need to clear up some space - with the game listed as requiring "15.2 GB" of free space. At the same time, the description further down mentions the game needs "at least" a 30 GB download.

"Game requires a download of at least 30 GB via a wireless Internet connection. You may also be required to create or link a Nintendo Account. microSD card required (sold separately). Storage requirements may change, visit www.help.ea.com/apex-legends for details."

The Nintendo webpage in the US also states the file size is 30 GB, but the UK page says it's 15.2 GB. Confusing, huh?

So... it's one or the other. Either way, it's a fairly sizable download for the Switch. If you are in need of more space, Respawn has teamed up with Western Digital and created an Apex Legends Switch themed MicroSD card priced at $67.99. It's 128GB in size, and no different from your standard MicroSD apart from the logo.

When the game does land on the Nintendo Switch, it'll support cross-platform play and kick things off with Season 8. As Switch players are joining in on this season a little late, there'll be 30 free levels of the Season 8 Battle Pass to claim and in addition to this, double XP for the first few weeks.

Will you be clearing up some space on your MicroSD card for Apex Legends? Tell us down below.

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