To The Moon has no tagline, but we would like to formally propose - ten years after its initial release - that they go with "Lie Down, Try Not To Cry, Cry A Lot". It may not be original, but it's certainly a good way to describe how you'll be feeling after finishing the game.

With a soundtrack to cry for and a lovingly-made retro-inspired art style, To The Moon is a game that we gave a well-deserved 9/10 to when it came out back in 2020. Now it's getting a physical release courtesy of Limited Run Games, who make most of the indie physical releases these days, including that recent Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game one.

Along with the Standard Edition box and game, there's also a Deluxe Edition that includes a Very Big Box, a CD soundtrack, a reversible poster, lapel pins of River and Johnny (two of the important characters from the game, but we won't say why), an origami bunny keychain, and a plush of Platty the Platypus. The Standard Edition costs $29.99 and the Deluxe Edition costs $64.99. Pre-orders start on February 12th, at 10am ET, and end on Sunday, March 14th.

The sequel, Finding Paradise, is due for a Switch release this summer.