Finding Paradise 1
Image: Freebird Games

If you haven't already played To The Moon, what are you doing?! Go and play it right now, and come back. We'll wait.

...Ok, now we're all caught up, wipe away those tears and get ready to start weeping all over again as Finding Paradise, the 2017 sequel to the game that we gave a whopping 9/10, comes to the Switch in Summer 2021.

Finding Paradise is a gentle, story-led RPG that looks like an old, 16-bit Final Fantasy game, but takes its narrative cues from movies such as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Memento (only way, way less traumatising).

You'll play as Dr Eva Rosalene and Dr Neil Watts, working for a memory-altering company, Sigmund Corp., as they explore the memories of a dying man in order to fulfil his final wishes. Along the way, you'll discover heartbreak, fear, betrayal, and all sorts of things that you'll probably need to talk to your therapist about afterwards.

No price available yet, but it costs around £7 on Steam. If the price of Among Us on Switch is anything to go by (and it's probably not), it might cost £6.90. Don't spend those savings all at once.