Pikmin Plush
Image: Nintendo

In today's episode of 'Japan gets all the cool things and we're immensely jealous', Nintendo has announced that its adorable selection of Sanei Trading Pikmin plush is making a comeback.

The cutesy set is available to order right now from Nintendo's official Japanese store – although worldwide shipping is sadly not available – after originally selling out. If you're lucky enough to live in Japan or have access to a Japanese address, you can pre-order your chosen Pikmin now with shipping expected to take place in April.

You'll find the usual Red, Blue, and Yellow Pikmin available as part of the set, alongside Pikmin 3's Rock and Winged Pikmin, Olimar, and a Bulborb.

Pikmin Plush at Nintendo's Japanese store

As gutted as we are about not being able to order these ourselves, perhaps there's some hope that Nintendo will make us feel a bit better by finally revealing Pikmin 4 in today's Nintendo Direct. Ha, who are we kidding!