Splatoon 2

Arguably the biggest reveal of yesterday's Nintendo Direct was Splatoon 3, the latest entry in Nintendo's squid shooter series that's sure to be another hit when it arrives next year.

Even with a new game on the way, though, Nintendo has announced that good old Splatoon 2, already available on Switch, will be receiving another update next week. The update will take the game to Version 5.4.0 and will be available to download on 24th February.

This update will bring performance changes for a variety of main and sub weapons (with tweaks to things like ink consumption and landing point radiuses), the number of Special Points required to use certain Special weapons, and will fix a few unwanted issues regarding terrain manipulation.

These changes can all be viewed on Nintendo's official site (albeit in Japanese) here.

Do you still play Splatoon 2 regularly? Are you thinking of brushing up your skills ahead of Splatoon 3's launch? Shoot away in the comments.

[source support.nintendo.co.jp, via nintendoeverything.com]