Fresh from its appearance during last week's Nintendo Direct presentation, Samurai Warriors 5 has now received a proper release date on Switch.

You'll be able to get your hands on Koei Tecmo's latest '1 vs. 1,000' tactical action title on 27th July – that date's locked in for Europe, with North America still to be confirmed. As revealed during last week's show, the game takes place after the end of the Ōnin War during the Sengoku period, telling the story of "two of the most preeminent military commanders of this period."

A new trailer has been released to celebrate the news, and we have more game details for you right here:

"All of the game’s character designs have been completely redesigned and re-imagined to help fit the storyline’s Sengoku time period. In total, SAMURAI WARRIORS 5 features 27 playable characters, including both new and returning warriors, from Ieyasu Tokugawa and Hideyoshi Hashiba to Nō, and Yoshimoto Imagawa. Original character Mitsuki, a Kōga Ninja, has also been added, with other new characters to be announced at a later date."

"In addition, all-new Musou actions have been added to the series – including newly designed Musou Frenzy Attacks – elevating the thrill of blowing away hordes of enemy soldiers in exhilarating fashion. These actions are displayed in a vibrant new Japanese ink painting art style, elegantly evolving the SAMURAI WARRIORS series to showcase the Sengoku period in stunning fashion as the intertwining stories of Nobunaga and Mitsuhide unravel on screen like a Sengoku period picture scroll."

Koei Tecmo has also revealed two different special editions of the game which will be exclusively available through its European Online Store. The 'Treasure Box' version includes the game’s soundtrack, an art book, a selection of postcards (alongside a display case), a deluxe cloth poster, and a copy of the game, all packaged into a samurai themed collector’s box. The Collector's Edition includes all of the above, alongside a mini acrylic stand set featuring all the main characters from the game. Pre-orders for these are expected to open soon.