We received word back in November that Square Enix is remastering its 1998 PS1 JRPG, SaGa Frontier. Originally aiming for a Summer 2021 release, last night's Nintendo Direct confirmed this will arrive sooner than expected, now launching on April 15th 2021.

Bringing "updated graphics, events, cutscenes, enhancements" and a new protagonist called Fuse, SaGa Frontier Remastered also includes new scenarios for an existing protagonist, Asellus. Featuring eight playable characters, you can approach this storyline however you'd like to.

Shortly after the Direct finished, Square Enix released this statement.

Eight protagonists, eight captivating journeys. In this remastered version of the classic RPG SaGa Frontier, travel through a stunning sci-fi world with any of the protagonists, each with their own goals and ambitions. With a new playable character, scintillating battles and new events, SaGa Frontier Remastered is an adventure not to be missed. The game launches for Nintendo Switch on 15th April.

Will you be buying SaGa? Pleased to see an earlier release date? Share your thoughts in the comments.