Resident Evil ReVerse
Image: Capcom

Capcom might be busy preparing Resident Evil Village, but it isn't letting up with its adaptations. We were made aware of plans for Netflix series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness back in September and now, Sony Pictures has confirmed its live-action film reboot will launch on September 3rd, 2021.

As reported by Deadline, this upcoming release is completely separate from Paul W. S. Anderson's commercially successful film series. Directed by Johnannes Robert, it's taking us back to Raccoon City in 1998 and looks set to be an origin story, incorporating elements from Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2.

Speaking about it previously, Roberts confirmed:

I really wanted to go back to the original first two games and re-create the terrifying visceral experience I had when I first played them whilst at the same time telling a grounded human story about a small dying American town that feels both relatable and relevant to today’s audiences.

In terms of cast, we've got a confirmed line-up of Kaya Scodelario (Claire Redfield), Robbie Amell (Chris Redfield), Avan Jogia (Leon S. Kennedy), Hannah John-Kamen (Jill Valentine), Tom Hopper (Albert Wesker), Lily Gao (Ada Wong) and Neal McDonough (William Birkin).

Will you be watching the rebooted film? Did you enjoy the originals? Let us know in the comments.

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