Children of the '90s will no doubt be familiar with the exploits of Beavis and Butt-Head, two rather dim-witted teens who enjoyed amazing success via an MTV series, movie and even a smattering of (mostly bad) video games.

If you're one of those '90s kids, then it's fair to say you're also familiar with the Zelda series (why would you visit a site called Nintendo Life if you weren't?), and are aware of the animated TV show based on that franchise which aired in the late '80s.

YouTuber KhalidSMShahin has taken these two pop culture icons and fused them together in a mash-up which is so superbly executed, you can't help but be impressed (it goes without saying that there's some rather NSFW language included, so consider yourselves warned).

Not only has KhalidSMShahin combed through Beavis and Butt-Head episodes to find the appropriate dialogue to fit the on-screen action, but great effort has also been taken to make sure the words sync-up with the lip movement (KhalidSMShahin credits his sister Jameelah for doing the heavy lifting here). There are loads of neat little details here – check out Link's reflection in the mirror during the initial fight to see what we mean.

What mash-up could we see next? King of the Hill x Animal Crossing? Daria x Metroid? Celebrity Deathmatch x Super Smash Bros.?