Eighties animation is still terrifying.

Remember the Eighties? The delightful era of one-hit wonders, atrociously awesome fashion and reams of bad videogame series? Well, Hulu has seen fit to stream The Legend of Zelda, a 13-part series, back into the 21st century so everyone can enjoy the "brilliance" of the Zelda cartoon series.

The eagle-eyed Zelda fans among you may question why Princess Zelda has a boomerang on the title screen - surely she can rescue herself if she's got a secret weapon? That would likely make for very short, simple adventure games, though. Maybe it's for the best.

Here's the blurb straight from Hulu:

The Legend Of Zelda is an animated fantasy-adventure based on the celebrated Nintendo videogame. Its two main stars are Link, a fifteen-year-old adventurer, and Zelda, a princess of the same age, who fight with monsters, ghosts, icky creatures and each other as they try to save the kingdom of Hyrule.

Yeah, that's right, icky creatures. Be careful!

[source kotaku.com]