Nintendo DS
Image: Nintendo Life

The Nintendo DS Lite was a necessary refinement back in 2006. Contributing to around 94 million of the DS family's 154 million sales, this slimline variant proved highly successful, but 15 years later, we didn't expect to still be finding out about unused features.

Outlined by the Lost Nintendo History team – which consists of “people aiming to uncover and restore the secrets of Nintendo’s software and hardware” – they discovered the DS Lite's SoC (System-on-Chip) can let players output the top screen of DS games, directly to your TV.

It was discovered last year, but only recently highlighted by Beta 64 on Twitter. If you're curious to directly try this, you can find full instructions at Lost Nintendo History. Just be warned though, that require hacking your DS Lite and additional hardware, so it's not a straightforward task.

Why Nintendo never used this feature remains unknown, but it bears a striking resemblance to the Switch's hybrid concept, meaning it could've been planned for a long time. It's a shame we'll never know Nintendo's reasons but, nevertheless, this is certainly a major find.

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