Ariana Grande + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Before we begin: if you're here to be angry about Ariana Grande, might we suggest reading about something you like instead? We've got a pretty crackin' review of Bowser's Fury over here, or maybe you'd like to check out an Animal Crossing survey for the chance to win a free Switch game? Either way, we're going to talk about Ariana Grande now, so you've been warned.

Some of you may have listened to the diminutive popstar's latest album, positions, in which she sings about topics as wide-ranging as maths (34+35), her favourite cardinal direction (west side), and even how to command your dog to stop eating your dinner (off the table). In the sixth track, called "six thirty", she compares her relationship to, er, the hands of a clock when it's 6:30 - which is to say, she wants to know if her partner's "down". Ahem.

In the bridge, she sings the line, "What you gon' do when I'm bored and I wanna play video games at 2AM?" During a live Twitter Q&A, Grande was asked the question, "which video games were you referring to?"

"I think, when I wrote it, I was referring to Mario Party, Mario Kart," she said in reply. "But now, if I sang it right now, I'd be talking about Sackboy." Wow. Ditched for a child made out of sack. We see how it is, Ari.

Think what you like about Grande's music, but she's shown her love for Nintendo before (or, er, her love for Nintendo's sponsorship money, at any rate) - her cover of No Tears Left To Cry on Labo instruments is a total bop, trust us.