So, there we have it – the first proper Nintendo Direct for ages, and it gave us plenty to talk about – including a Zelda remaster, an amazing online multiplayer title and a second sequel to a beloved classic.

However, there were also moments of slight disappointment; we didn't get anything on Bayonetta 3 or Metroid Prime 4, and Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 isn't ready to be shown off yet, it seems.

Taking all of this into account, did the Direct meet your expectations? Perhaps you went in with hopes as low as possible to avoid being disappointed? Or maybe you were super-hyped and it didn't quite live up to the dream? Perhaps you're somewhere in the middle?

Whatever you're feeling right now, we want to know, so vote in the poll below and leave a comment to tell us – and the world – what you made of the Direct.

Did the February 2021 Nintendo Direct meet your expectations?