Switch Online
Image: Nintendo

Let's be real, Nintendo's online service hasn't always been the best. While it's always worked, it has not always necessarily been a completely stable experience across every game. While we won't name any specific titles, you probably already know the ones that haven't run quite as smoothly as others.

With this in mind, it seems Nintendo's online services are finally getting an update, of sorts - with dataminer OatmealDome (via thomasnet_mc) detailing how Nintendo will be replacing its multiplayer server system, which has been around since the Wii U and 3DS era. It's doing this by swapping from 'NEX' to a newer system called 'NPLN'.

The recent Monster Hunter Rise demo was the "first game" to make use of NPLN, and was apparently a great way to test out how it worked under pressure.

OatmealDome further explains how 'NEX' was originally created by a company called Quazal (back then, the tech was known as Rendez-Vous), Ubisoft bought it out in 2010, and this followed with Nintendo licensing and renaming it to 'NEX'.

Nintendo has been using 'NEX' for about 10 years now, but the tech itself is about 20 years old and the "Splatoon 2 version has an unused function to check to see if it's running on Windows 98".

So, will this improve things? According to OatmealDome, probably not. The dataminer goes on to state how Nintendo's "primary goal" at the moment is to make the transition "as seamless as possible" to ensure users won't even notice.

"Once done, then they can add new things or improve existing ones."

If we hear any updates about all of this, we'll be sure to let you know.

[source twitter.com, via nintendoeverything.com]