Super Nintendo World
Image: Nintendo, Universal Studios

With Super Nintendo World originally set to open its doors to the public tomorrow, 4th February, a whole boatload of footage and press impressions from media outlets across Japan has now found its way online.

YouTube channel Universal Parks News Today has uploaded a staggering 21 videos today showing off various aspects of the park. From tours of its various areas and point-of-view recordings of its rides to a look at the café and a Pikmin hunt, the channel certainly has you covered if you want to be spoiled silly with details on what you can expect.

Naturally, if you're hoping to one day visit the park yourself when it does eventually open fully, you might want to steer clear of ruining the surprise. If you just want to see what all the fuss is about, though, we'll share a couple of particularly intriguing videos for you below, or you can watch them all over at Universal Parks News Today's channel:

We're sure you'll agree that everything looks stunning. Now, if only we could actually go!

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