Minecraft Ore texture upgrade
Image: Jappa

The lead artist of Minecraft, Jappa, just tweeted out a teaser of some updated ore textures, saying that they were designed with colourblind players in mind.

All of the ores look a little chunky and have a little more depth to them, and some even have different shapes and colouring to stand out better in the new, darker Grimstone block that was added to the latest Minecraft snapshot.

Iron Ore is the most notably different one, appearing in beige veins rather than its previous orangey chunk format. Presumably, this is to differentiate it from the new Copper Ore, which is also orange.

Gold has a nice new look, too, with an appearance that makes it look a little like a constellation of stars. Isn't that lovely?

Coal and Redstone also get a new look, and while Coal looks pretty similar to its old self, Redstone looks a lot like blood. Scary.

Of course, diamond hasn't changed much as far as we can tell. That's because diamond doesn't need to change. We love you, diamond.

The new blocks, new animals, and a bunch of other cool changes that Mojang have been working on will come to Minecraft on Switch this summer in the Caves and Cliffs update, but if you can't wait that long, you can check out the new stuff early in the Snapshots, only available on Java and Bedrock Beta versions.

What do you think of these new ore designs? Are you excited to play the upcoming Caves and Cliffs update? Let us know below in the comments.

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