Spiritfarer Switch

Thunder Lotus Games, developer of last year's wholesome indie hit Spiritfarer, has detailed plans to launch three "major" updates for the game throughout 2021.

All three updates will arrive free of charge across all platforms, with spring, summer and autumn release windows currently expected for each update respectively. They'll each contain their own set of changes, including new spirits, new buildings, new resources, and quality of life improvements.

Here are all the details you need (and keep scrolling to check out a visual roadmap):

Lily Update - Spring
As Stella is getting more familiar with the job of Spiritfaring, she starts to uncover some of her memories, which are starting to blossom as wondrous flowers over her cabin. These flowers house butterflies that roost to form our new spirit friend: Lily, Stella’s younger sister.

is the only spirit that’s active during the night. Just as she had been a shining presence in her big sister’s life, here she illuminates the night and lets you navigate your boat even when it’s dark! Isn’t that convenient!

In addition to adding Lily, we’ll be enhancing the cooperative experience with a brand new UI and the ability to do some coop fishing! All that and more!

Beverly Update - Summer
While visiting Oxbury, Stella is accosted by a stranger who turns out to be her old neighbour Beverly! She’s been feeling rather lonely on this island and couldn’t be happier to have finally found someone to talk to about the past!

Speaking of the past, remember Overhead Projectors? To keep in line with our walk down memory lane, we’ll be introducing a new station called the Archive Room, where you’ll be able to inspect a brand new set of collectibles called Acetate Sheets. Who knows what kind of information these wonderful transparent sheets might hold!
We also have a plethora of quality of life tweaks in the works – full details to come at a later date!

Jackie & Daria Update - Autumn
Out of the blue, Stella receives coordinates for a new island that houses a run-down hospital. There, she’ll meet two spirits: Jackie, the caretaker, and Daria, his main patient. Seeing that Jackie is overworked, Stella decides to lend him a hand.

You’ll be able to explore a whole new island, interact with two new spirits and experience a brand new event! Additional details coming later this year!

Spiritfarer 2021 Roadmap 2

We enjoyed our time with the base game last year when checking it out for review, so with even more content in the works, this is becoming an easy one to recommend.

Have you played Spiritfarer? Looking forward to more content? Let us know if you'll be giving this a go in the comments.