Pokemon Shock
Image: The Pokémon Company

We don't know how this keeps happening with Pokémon cards. Records were already set pretty high back in January when a rare Blastoise card and first edition Trading Card Game box sold for $360k and $408k respectively. It's only been a few weeks since that happened and once again, another record has been broken.

Containing a full 1st edition of the first Pokémon cards from 1999, this sale took place via Goldin Auctions, reaching a phenomenal $666k. Adding to the perceived value, each card was also graded at "Gem Mint" condition, the highest-grading level possible for Pokémon Trading Cards – and therefore commanded an even higher price.

It included a first edition Charizard card, too, and those alone have gone for extraordinary prices. You may recall one of these sold for $226k back in October, bought by retired rapper Logic. At this rate, it seems inevitable sales will eventually exceed $1 million.

Do you expect this new record will be broken again soon? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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