Foreclosed manages to hit a bunch of cyberpunk buzzword beats in its one-minute trailer: "jacking in", "blockchain", guns that respond to your ID, and "a system where you're in debt before you're even born".

Sounding a lot like The Matrix, and looking a bit like a neon Alan Moore graphic novel, Foreclosed is a narrative-driven shooter with an RPG-like skill tree, as well as a cool "symbiotic pistol" that you can control with telekinesis.

Image: Antab Games

You play as Evan Kapnos, who evidently did something bad enough that he has been "foreclosed": stripped of his existence within the system, and in danger of having even more taken away from him if he does not escape from the city that sees him as a nonentity. Unsurprisingly - because this is cyberpunk, after all - his escape will require shooting a lot of people.

Foreclosed is heading to Switch this Summer, with a physical release to follow later this year.