Following on from the surprise leak of Dinosaur Planet last weekend, footage of the cancelled Nintendo DS project Black & White has now surfaced online.

If the name doesn't ring a bell, this is a handheld entry of the god video game series created by the famous video game designer Peter Molyneux (Populous, Fable, Theme Park) and his studio Lionhead, which would have been published by EA.

According to the source, a company called Full Fat was tasked with the handheld release known as Black & White Creatures. It remains unclear exactly why the project was scrapped, But take a look at what could have been (above), courtesy of the YouTube channel PtoPOnline:

"The first 10 minutes or so of an early build of Black & White Creatures, the unreleased Nintendo DS game! It's an early build, even clicking on the menu options can be tough."

A new Black & White game hasn't been seen since the release of the sequel in 2005. It doesn't help that Lionhead also no longer exists and has been absorbed by Microsoft.

Would you like to see this classic series one day make a return? What do you think of this DS version? Leave a comment below.

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