Animal Crossing: New Horizons might be dominating sales on the Switch recently – reaching over 31 million units since launch – but mobile entry Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is still getting regular updates. The latest event, titled "Pecan's House Cookie", launches today.

You'll receive fortune cookies from Pecan – our friendly but snooty squirrel villager – each containing one random item. Amongst the 3-star options going, you can receive flower-deck stairs, new outfit items and a lawn rug.

4-star items mostly focus on "little" rooms, letting you create a house of your own. There are four in total, offering players a kitchen, bedroom, dining room and bathroom. Lucky players can also find a singular 5-star item up for grabs, a balcony-view tower.

The event has gone live, so these are all available now. You've got until February 5th to grab them, when it ends at 05:59 UTC. If you miss out, Nintendo has also confirmed these items "may" become available again in the future. No guarantees but if you do miss anything, there'll likely be further chances.

Are you still regularly playing Pocket Camp? Interested in this new update? Let us know down below.