There has to be some executive over at Ubisoft HQ who's just mashing all of their games together like they're playing with Barbies. We've already seen a fair few crossovers for the Greek Myth-meets-Assassin's Creed game, Immortals Fenyx Rising: from Adventure Time DLC to a tie-in with Netflix exclusive Blood Of Zeus, it's pretty clear that someone's renting out advertising space in the god-filled world of Fenyx and pals.

Now, we have UNO-meets-Immortals, except this time, it's Fenyx who'll be travelling to other games, not getting new content herself. Special games of Fenyx Quest will be available from today in UNO, which give players the opportunity to free one of four gods from Typhon's Curse - just like in Immortals. They'll provide the player with a passive blessing once freed, like the ability to discard all cards of a single colour, making you immune to damage, or being able to discard cards when specific actions are taken.

Could this open the door for even more collaborations between Ubisoft and, er, Ubisoft? Maybe we'll see the Vikings in Assassin's Creed Valhalla appear in the next Mario + Rabbids game? Or perhaps the next Watch Dogs sequel will take a leaf out of Just Dance's book, and require us to hack our way into the system by busting some moves?

Which Ubi games would you love to see mashed together like Barbie and Ken's faces? Drop your pitches in the comments.