Did anyone order nightmare fodder for Christmas? No? Well, here it is anyway. The simplistic cartoon styling of Adventure Time has been rendered in HD glory in Immortals Fenyx Rising's new character pack, and it's... well... just take a look.

Immortals Fenyx Rising

We don't remember this bit in Greek mythology. Maybe this is one of Zeus' curses? Jake The Dog is now a bird, Finn The Human is quite buff for a teenage boy, and Lady Rainicorn has lost her remarkable wiggly body in favour of being regular-horse-sized (and kinda scary).

This collab between Ubisoft and Cartoon Network is certainly an unexpected one - maybe we can expect to see Steven Universe in Assassin's Creed? Powerpuff Girls in Watch Dogs? Dexter's Lab in Rayman? Actually, these are great ideas. We're off to phone Ubisoft.

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