Image: Marvelous

We've witnessed an exceptional performance from Sakuna: Of Rice And Ruin since it arrived last November. Developed by Edelweiss, it offers a unique mix of action-platforming and farm simulation, one which evidently became a hit.

Having sold 500,000 units worldwide after several weeks, publisher Marvelous has just revealed those numbers have risen significantly. Accounting for both physical and digital sales, its latest report revealed Sakuna has shipped a further 350,000 copies, bringing the grand total to around 850,000 units.

Considering Sakuna's niche premise, that's a remarkable achievement and at this rate, it'll likely surpass 1 million sales soon.

We certainly enjoyed the game at launch, advising it requires patience and we've been pleased to see Edelweiss continue supporting it, having released several updates in the meantime.

Have you picked up Sakuna on Switch? Are you just as passionate about rice? Let us know down below.

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