Celeste is a challenging platforming game that will make your thumbs bleed and your brain ache, but apparently that's because we've all been playing it wrong: we should have been playing with our feet.

During last week's Awesome Games Done Quick stream, speedrunner PeekingBoo performed a 14:41 speedrun of Celeste's C-Side levels, played entirely on a dance pad. Not satisfied with the difficulty of the C-Sides, which are optional short-but-challenging levels, PeekingBoo also decided to get all the Golden Strawberries, which are also optional achievements that you get when you finish an entire stage without dying.

"[The levels] are not easy until you do them a few hundred times."

There are eight stages total, and each one is several screens of tricky platforming. PeekingBoo promised to donate one dollar per death, and five dollars per Golden Strawberry, meaning that he donated $57 at the end of the stream.

In the first stage, Peeking Boo seemed to be struggling to adjust to the difficult (self-imposed) controller scheme, with eight total deaths, but managed to run the next three stages with just two deaths total, and the entire final stage - arguably the hardest in the game - with zero deaths. That would be impressive on its own, but this was on a dance pad. Madness.

Also, his girlfriend, Kim, posted an encouraging donation message during the stream, and it was adorable. He gave her a shout out in return at the end, saying "you're just amazing". Awwww.

Is beating Celeste with a dance pad more, or less challenging than beating Super Mario Sunshine with a Guitar Hero controller? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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