With all of the hype surrounding the supposed Super Mario remasters headed to Switch this year, we've been feeling pretty tempted to fire up the likes of Super Mario Sunshine for another spin. After playing it for an unhealthy number of hours in our youth we'd like to think we're pretty good at the game by now, but this just takes things to a whole other level.

Finnish speedrunner Samura1man, known for his Mario Sunshine runs and a previous world record holder for the game, has attempted to beat Mario's 3D GameCube outing with a Guitar Hero controller. That sounds hard enough as it is, but he's even upped the challenge by adding a speedrun clock to see just how fast he can pull it off.

The entire run is available to watch in the video above; amazingly, Samura1man managed to beat the game in just over three hours. Using the guitar's clunky buttons to manoeuvre around the game's world and defeat the mighty Bowser looks ridiculously challenging, and there were a fair few deaths along the way, too, but what an achievement.

Perhaps we need to up our game?