Reddit is strange place at the best of times, but it seems like it's particularly weird today. According to Twitter user @beackupburner, one of the Switch subreddits has new moderation, and they're cracking the whip.

The Switch subreddit has always been a bit of an odd place. The larger forum by far is r/NintendoSwitch, with 2.7 million members; r/Switch only has around 135k at the time of writing.

The current rules of the place include "Do not covet your neighbour’s lawn" and "Ensure that there are functional connections between land and water". One of the sidebars details "Compulsory Subscriptions" to other, unrelated subreddits, like r/PersonalFinance and r/Catholic. The new flairs - tags that go on a post to indicate its content - are themed around the seven deadly sins. There's a sticker that just says "I'm a Pepper".

Some longtime members of the subreddit have noted that it's largely one mod, CupKnifeSpoon, doing all the weird stuff - and they've apparently been doing it for a while. The mod's motive has yet to be discovered.

r/Switch image
Image: u/testyourdreams

Members have begun to fight back against the tyranny of the new moderators, with memes that depict Mario and friends informing others of tenants' rights. It seems like some people are having fun with the new rules and regulations, and others really, really want Reddit to burn the place to the ground. Meanwhile, some members are just obliviously posting regular Switch content.

Do you think this weird takeover is a serious thing? Or do you think the mods are just trolling? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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