Pokémon Chocolates
Image: The Pokémon Company

Japan always gets all the fun. They get to put their head in Gengar's mouth. They get all this super-cute Animal Crossing loungewear. Here in the UK, we're lucky if we get a localised release of a five-year old game (cough, Ace Attorney).

Sorry to break all your hearts again, but we regret to report that Japan is back at it with these extremely cute Pokémon Valentine's gifts, including several different chocolate boxes, tote bags themed around the Eeveelutions and the Galar starters, and a Dragonite lunch box that we would literally kill for.

Pictures speak louder than words, even though our anguished wailing can probably be heard from Japan, so take a look at the Valentine's goodness in this gallery:

[source pokemon.co.jp, via nintendowire.com]