Image: Nintendo

We can't believe they did it again. Who at Nintendo keeps leaving these one-page lists of Nintendo Direct reveals around the place? How very silly of them. The piece of paper even says "INTERNAL USE ONLY" right there at the top!

Well, it looks like 2021 is a big year for Nintendo! The Switch Pro (which is definitely the name they'll pick for it) is, according to this leak, coming on the 23rd April , with 4K support, Bluetooth audio support, a 256GB memory, and a "Dock Pro". What could a Dock Pro be? Maybe it's just bigger than before. Or shinier. The Switch Pro will cost $399 (around £300), according to the document - that's a steal, if true. And it's definitely true.

Leak part one

Meanwhile, on the software side of things, we've got a whole host of much-awaited sequels: Super Mario Odyssey 2, Splatoon 3, Bayonetta 3, a new Metroid, new Kingdom Hearts, new Fire Emblem, and Mario Kart 9. It's almost like someone made a list of all the games we've been yelling about on social media for a while. How weird!

There's also a new game called "Nintendo World: Park Tour" which will presumably tie in nicely with the opening of the Super Nintendo World theme park. What would a park tour game entail, exactly? We don't know, but we really hope it's like the PC Legoland game. That game RULED.

Leak part two

With the new capabilities of the Switch Pro comes a bunch of beefier games that have been out for a while on other consoles: Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Watch Dogs Legion, Far Cry 6, GTAV, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the Final Fantasy VII Remake, and, for no particular reason, Fallout 3: New Vegas. These games are also listed as being available on the base Nintendo Switch, but as "Cloud Versions" (aren't all versions of FF7 the "Cloud Version"?) which isn't a bad guess, considering that Control managed it pretty well. Er, did we say guess? We mean totally real thing that Nintendo is doing, for sure.

Leak part three

Of course, the biggest reveal is saved for last: a trailer and gameplay footage for Breath of the Wild 2, which will apparently be called "The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of the Past". We really thought it was going to be called "Smell of the Wild", but we're always happy to be proved wrong.

Now, we're not saying it's suspect that this document has no original games on it, nor are we saying it's strange that Nintendo would print a list with bad grammar ("Plant's vs Zombies"?). We're also not saying this is a little too good to be true, because sometimes Nintendo just releases every game we've been asking for all at once, right? That's definitely happened before, hasn't it?

Hmm. Maybe this list isn't real after all. We do love getting a sneak peek into upcoming Directs, but it looks like this one has just too many red flags to be trustworthy. As always with leaks, be suspicious. Be very suspicious.

We would quite like to play New Vegas on the Switch, though.