New Pokemon Snap

Thanks to a glorious new trailer which dropped last week and an updated eShop listing which gave away some juicy details, we now know much more about the upcoming New Pokémon Snap. Due to launch in April, this Switch exclusive will revamp the pocket monster photography loveliness that was first introduced more than 20 years ago in the original N64 title.

Unlike that original game, though, it's now been revealed that New Pokémon Snap will feature some form of online play. The news comes from Nintendo's official website (thanks, VG247), but stops short of telling us exactly how the game will benefit from this online addition.

So what could it be? Joining a friend for any form of co-op play seems unlikely considering the game's listed as a single-player experience, so could the online play be restricted to something smaller? Perhaps players will be able to communicate to trade photographs, or send each other gifts Animal Crossing-style to help with tricky captures? Naturally, we'll have to wait to find out.

At the very least, thanks to the Switch's ability to post screenshots to social media, we think it's fair to hope for a decent photo mode which lets you remove the game's UI and add filters and the like to share your best snaps online. Maybe the game will include its own social media-like area in-game where you can view your Switch friends' best photos and access leaderboards?

Thankfully, we won't have too long to wait to get stuck in and find out for ourselves. What are you hoping for from New Pokémon Snap? Are you looking forward to playing it? Tell us below.

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