The release of New Pokémon Snap is getting closer each day, although we've still got a while to wait until we can explore the Lental region on the 30th April. This new trailer, made for Japanese TV, shows off a few seconds of footage, plus appearances from YouTuber Fuwa-chan and popular child actor Kokoro Terada, according to reports from Go Nintendo.

The unlisted video, which is unavailable on the Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel to anyone outside of the country, was captured by Nintendo Everything, giving us access to the video despite its region-locking.

In the trailer, we can see herds of Bouffalant, Vivillon, a sleeping Doduo, a Torchic eating a flaming apple, and Pichu, Grookey, Magikarp, and Pidgeot. Sadly, none of this footage shows anything we didn't already know, as it looks like all the footage is from past trailers.

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