Darth Maul
Image: Lucasfilm Games

Star Wars fans are in for quite the treat this Spring when LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga arrives on Nintendo Switch.

During a recent interview with the Official PlayStation Magazine, the game's Lead hub designer, Dawn McDiarmid, confirmed the number of playable characters you'll be able to take control of in this epic saga. There are "around" 300 playable Minifigures and "about 800 unique characters" all up have been constructed.

"There were around 300 playable characters made for this game but altogether about 800 unique characters were made. Our character team did a truly amazing job."

The planet count is just as impressive. There are "23 planets/moons" and 28 unique locations to explore.

"There are 23 planets/moons with 28 unique locations that the player can visit, each full of quests, challenges, items, and characters to find. If you have a favourite Star Wars location it's pretty likely you can visit it in-game."

The delay also appears to have paid off, with McDiarmid mentioning how it's allowed the team to further "polish and refine the systems and features that needed that extra little bit of love".

Are you looking forward to getting your hands on the next Star Wars LEGO game? Have you played any of the previous entries? Leave a comment down below.

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