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It could be a good year for Fatal Frame fans with co-creator and producer Keisuke Kikuchi recently expressing interest in doing something to celebrate the series' 20th anniversary. Yes, that's right, as of this December the survival horror series will have been around for 20 years.

Here's what Kikuchi had to say in an interview with Famitsu, as translated by Gematsu:

"2021 is...the 20th anniversary of the Fatal Frame series, so I’d like to celebrate it in some way if possible."

Last April, Kikuchi mentioned how he still had high hopes for the series' return. Ultimately, though, it's up to Nintendo, as Koei Tecmo only develops it:

"even though I have these hopes, this is a series that Nintendo publishes for us and I only handle the development. So even if I were to say I want to make another game, that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what will happen."

At the time, he was also asked about the chances of remasters, and again, it's Nintendo's decision to make:

As for Fatal Frame 2 and 4, Nintendo handles the publishing rights, so we don’t exactly have a say in that matter. Another factor would be is that I’m basically overseeing the Gust brand at this moment, and to secure production lines and team members, in the short-term it would also be very difficult, but in the long run I’ve never really given up the idea. So in the short-term it’s not exactly realistic at the moment.

The Fatal Frame series began life on the PS2 in December 2001, and the most recent entry - Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water landed on the Wii U in 2014.

Would you like to see this survival horror series make a comeback in 2021? How do you think the series could be celebrated? Share your thoughts down below.

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