We've seen some bizarre indie games come to Switch in the last few years, but few of us would've had "medieval physics-based unicycle adventure" on the bingo card. Remarkably, that's exactly what Balancelot is bringing when it launches on January 22nd.

Developed by AnvilBird Interactive, you play a lowly squire who is looking to attend your kingdom's jousting tournament but lacks the coin to buy a horse. Naturally, a unicycle is your next best option. You'll be fending off both gravity and mythical monsters as you advance, using the controller to keep your squire balanced whilst attacking with the lance.

Previously released on PC back in 2019, this Switch port is being published by Ratalaika Games, who've previously brought us Loot Hero DX and Freddy Spaghetti. Launching for both Europe and North America, it'll cost £7.99/$7.99.

It wasn't widely reviewed when it initially launched on PC, though it currently holds a "Positive" rating on Steam's user reviews. At the very least, it certainly looks like it could provide a few laughs, but how it fares on Switch remains to be seen.

[source gonintendo.com]