Satoru Iwata: 1959 - 2015

Update #2 (Fri 8th Jan, 2021 00:30 GMT): Publisher VIZ Media has confirmed the English translation of Ask Iwata will be released here in the west on 13th April 2021. Pre-orders are available now.

Update #1 (Tue 28th Jul, 2020 05:45 BST): Ask Iwata: Words of Wisdom from Nintendo's Legendary CEO is available to pre-order on Amazon for $22.99 / £18.43 (or your regional equivalent). It's a hardcover book and contains a total of 176 pages.

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Original article (Sat 25th Jul, 2020 08:30 BST): VIZ Media has announced it will be releasing an English translation of Iwata-San - a Satoru Iwata tribute book originally published in Japan last year. Ask Iwata compiles the former Nintendo president and CEO's famous interviews into a single "motivational collection" and will be available next Spring in print and digital.

Of course, if you'd like to read these interviews right now - there's nothing stopping you. All of them can be viewed over on the official Nintendo website. The book itself also includes special interviews with Shigeru Miyamoto and Shigesato Itoi (the creator of EarthBound) reflecting on their time with him.

Once again, it's coming out next Spring - so keep an eye out for more information about its local release in the future.