With Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity showcasing what Breath of the Wild's world looked like before it was all ruined by Ganon, it was obvious that modders would leverage the new assets to painstakingly "rebuild" the kingdom in the 2017 title.

Now, a modder named banan039 has reconstructed the famous Hyrule Castle using the framework showcased in Age of Calamity, and it's pretty special.

He's rebuilt Breath of the Wild's iconic location, complete with NPCs and items. As you can see from the video, it's a pretty awe-inspiring location; when exploring the ruined version in Breath of the Wild, there was always this lingering feeling that it would have been amazing to see the castle "before the fall", and now we have our chance. According to banan039, Hyrule Town is next.

The obvious catch is that you'll need to run this mod on a PC to experience it first hand, but who knows – perhaps Nintendo will aim to do a similar reconstruction job in a future Zelda title?

[source gamingreinvented.com]