Ubisoft's Immortals Fenyx Rising is out later this week on Nintendo Switch, and two new videos have been released to whet your appetite for the big day.

You'll find the game's launch trailer above, and there's also a longer 'deep dive' video to see down below. There, you'll get to see glimpses of the game's mysterious Golden Isle and check out Fenyx's ability to wield the power of the Gods, which you'll use in-game to take down mythological beasts, solve ancient puzzles, and more.

We actually shared our review of the game just yesterday. We'll leave a snippet of that for you below, but feel free to check out the full thing here to read our thoughts if you missed it.

Immortals Fenyx Rising tries to capture lightning in a bottle with its Breath of the Wild-inspired gameplay, but ends up being more of a lightning thief; it's not as nice to look at and the puzzles aren't as satisfying. Still, the combat is fun, the storytelling is excellent and, despite not being anywhere near as polished as Nintendo's 2017 effort, it certainly does a passable impression.

Are you thinking of playing Immortals Fenyx Rising when it launches on 3rd December? Let us know with a comment.