It will come as no surprise to any of you that have played it that there's a literal hell of a lot of writing in Hades. 305,433 words, to be precise, according to Supergiant's infographic. "The numbers may not be 100% accurate, depending on how you count," they warn on Twitter, "but should be close."

(For reference, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire has 190,637 words, and the entire King James Bible is 788,280 words. Hades is just about half as long as the Bible, but only one of them ends with [REDACTED], and only one of them has guns. We know which one we'll be spending our weekend with.)

Our boy Zagreus easily tops the "Most Voice Lines" chart at 8,500 - over 5 times as many as Papa Hades, who has a still-impressive 1,600. Anyone want to take bets on how many of them are new ways of saying "I'm very disappointed in you, boy"?

On the other end of it, the fewest voice lines go to our two favourite mumblers, Tisiphone and Charon, who have been quoted as saying "murrrr... derrrr??" and "hhhhrrrrrmmmm" respectively. Thanks for the insight, guys!

With 30 voiced characters, hundreds of thousands of lines, and 75 unique responses to various deaths from our sleepy keeper of the records, Hypnos, it'll take quite a few replays of Hades to really squeeze out all that delicious content. [REDACTED], here we come!