It's not every day you wake up to see Samus trending on social media, but the Metroid protagonist is at the centre of conversation this morning – and no, it's not because of a Metroid Prime 4 reveal, sorry!

Fans are starting to believe that our favourite intergalactic bounty hunter might have a shot at appearing in the latest season of Fortnite as a new skin; as you'd expect, some are delighted at the prospect, while others aren't best pleased.

The rumours have started doing the rounds for a number of reasons. Fortnite's fifth season has promised players that they'll be able to "join the greatest hunters from across realities," and tasks them with helping island characters with quests and bounties.

These hunters from 'across realities' are slowly but surely starting to be revealed; initially, Star Wars' The Mandalorian arrived in-game as a skin, and now Kratos, from PlayStation's God of War series, has also been confirmed.

This theme of bounty hunters appearing from different realities has caused some to believe that Microsoft and Nintendo will also place a character inside the game. After all, Fortnite has no allegiance to any platform in particular and regularly promotes cross-platform play across all systems.

Kinda Funny's Greg Miller got tongues wagging with this Games Awards prediction:

And there's plenty more where that came from:



So, could it happen? Nintendo has always been famously cautious with the handling of its IP over the years, but this would be a golden opportunity – with Metroid Prime 4 on the way, what better way to promote the Metroid brand than by putting it one of the biggest games on the planet? Maybe Nintendo will return the favour with a Fortnite rep in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, too?

Time will tell.