Among Us
Image: BurritoSOFTWARE

Dust off your nunchucks and grab your wrist straps, because it's time to get suspicious old-school style: Among Us is on the Wii! Well, sort of.

"I got Among Us working on the Nintendo Wii," declares Reddit user BurritoSOFTWARE on the unofficial Among Us subreddit, along with a video proving his claim: he is, indeed, playing Among Us on the Nintendo Wii. Incredible!

But wait! He follows up the bold declaration with a disclaimer:

Background on how this is done:

My Wii and PC are connected to my router with 2 ethernet adapters. Then, I used WiiVNC and TightVNC Server to stream Among Us off my PC to my Wii. This isn't practical or anything, more of a [proof of concept]. It's really slow too, even with wired conns.

Edit: Also how to type, I press 2 on the Wiimote and an onscreen keyboard appears.

Now, we don't fully understand all this techy business, but we can infer its meaning through helpful commenters: it's not actually running on the Wii, but streaming from his PC and using the Wiimote as a mouse. The framerate is so bad it might as well be a PowerPoint presentation.

Apologies for fans of Nintendo's wiggle stick console - Among Us is probably not coming to the Wii any time soon. We hope we didn't get your hopes up. You can buy it on the Switch, though.